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Are Home Health Services Right for You?

Whether you’re a caregiver or a patient, it may be hard to know when home health services can be beneficial. Home health services can address an individual’s needs after a hospitalization or throughout a chronic illness or injury.

Who Qualifies for Home Health?

Support through short-term and long-term conditions

Individuals needing nursing or therapy services on a part-time basis to improve, maintain, prevent or slow a health condition may qualify for home health services in the comfort of their own home. Specific conditions may include a recent surgery, medication changes, a new medical problem, falls or unplanned ER visits or hospital stays.

Patients must have a family doctor and be homebound. Situations which may qualify a person as homebound include driving restrictions following a surgery, use of a walker, extreme pain and shortness of breath.

Contact Masonic Village Home Health staff to learn if your insurance covers home health services. We’ll walk you through the initial assessment and insurance process, set up a convenient schedule for you and provide educational resources for caregivers. On-call nursing support is available 24 hours a day.

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